Haru Haru  WONDER Ultra Fit Facial Pads

Haru Haru WONDER Ultra Fit Facial Pads

Haru Haru
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Ultra Fit Facial Pads with Newly Renewed with eco-friendly package!

1/2 Half is Enough! Highly absorbent even with little amount and permeated more to save your toner in half with rice grain-shaped pads

Hyperallergenic Multi-functional Facial Pads! Smartest pads which fit perfectly for facial contours and could be used for skin pack on any dried facial parts

Reduce your Toner Usage to 1/2 DOWN! Our facial pads don't dry out easily and soak up less toner allowing more to sink into the skin with only half the usual amount.

What it does:
Superfine fibers with no fluffs. Smooth out your sensitive skin.

Material: Pulp mixed with Rayon

Quantity: 50 pads or 160 pads / Size: 45*70(±1)mm