Laneige Layering Lip Bar

Laneige Layering Lip Bar

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The Laneige Lip Bars are all designed to create easy gradient lips – rather than having to feather out or layer lipsticks, their design allows for multiple shades to be applied at once. In the past, each bar has had two complementary shades but the exciting thing about the new Layering Lip Bar is that they each feature six shades.

The main selling points are:

Creates a natural gradation with six layers of colours
Gives intense color payoff with a wide shade range
Has a high-adherence texture for perfect voluminous lips
It also has two different finishes.

The Cream shade has a moisturising, glowy finish and claims to give the appearance of plump lips. It contains:

Multi-layered pigment (for longevity and colour intensity)
Volumizing resin (to create radiant glossy lips that look natural and full)
Fitting Glow Texture (smaller than usual particles adhere well to the lips for a lightweight and comfortable wear)
Moisture Wrap (Patented technology from Laneige that offers deep hydration even when used over long hours)
The Matte formula, on the other hand, as a comfort matte finish and a blurring effect. It contains:

True Pigment (Fine pigment powder that gives rich and clear colour)
Comfortable Matte Texture with CSA Oil (Oils that give a silky and lightweight texture, while applying thinly for a comfortable finish)

How to use :
Slide down the button using your thumb to pull the lipstick up. Apply darker color in the inner area of the lips Work along the upper lip line using the squared edge of the lip bar.

WHAT YOU GET (1): Laneige Layering Lip Bar