COSRX - One Step Green Hero Calming Pad

COSRX - One Step Green Hero Calming Pad

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Formulated with PHA and the Green-Rx Complex, slightly acidic face patches provide gentle exfoliation and soothe irritated skin. Use on cleansed face. Benefits:

Formulated with PHA and Green-Rx Complex to gently exfoliate and soothe sensitive skin

Maintains healthy skin condition with its slightly acidic pH level similar to skin

Removes dead skin cells, sebum and makeup residue

How to use :
After cleansing, gently wipe your entire face with the embossed side, avoiding the eye area.

Turn over the pad and wipe with the smooth side to prep your skin.

Make sure the lid is firmly closed after use to prevent pads from drying.

WHAT YOU GET: (1) One Step Green Hero Calming Pad